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Erkameter 24 -   highly accurate multifunctional diagnostic device allowing to define optimal therapy goals The diagnosis of hypertension is usually made by taking repeated blood pressure readings in a physician’s office or in a hospital.  A patient is likely to have manifest or permanent hypertension, if after measuring blood pressure repeatedly at different times the obtained blood pressure values remain unequivocally high. Occasional non clinical blood pressure measurements are often not reliable enough to give a true picture of the patient´s usual blood pressure. Ultimate accuracy of hypertension diagnosis can be guaranteed only by the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, capable to reveal patient´s true blood pressure level.Medical science recommends the use of ABPM also in the cases where “white coat effect” or “hidden hypertension” can be suspected. Above all, the ambulatory blood pressure measurement is an important and unique instrument that can be used to verify the success of the therapy: a significant decrease in  blood pressure identified by means of ABPM  is to be regarded as a therapeutic effect, whereas so-called placebo effects can often occur during the occasional blood pressure measurements. Thanks to its ESH validated measuring modes the Erkameter 24 ambulatory blood pressure monitor - developed according to the latest scientific standards - allows - with the highest degree of accuracy and precision - both methods of hypertension diagnostics: occasional clinical blood pressure measurements and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring  (ABPM) over 24 hours.

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How is blood pressure diagnosed in daily practice of healthcare professionals?
The diagnosis of hypertension is usually made by taking repeated blood pressure readings in a physician’s office or in a hospital. In addition to the occasional clinical blood pressure measurements or as an alternative to it, an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) over 24 hours is often prescribed too.  Medical science recommends the use of ABPM always in the cases where “white coat effect” or “hidden hypertension” can be suspected. The Erkameter 24 allows both methods of hypertension diagnostics - with the highest degree of accuracy and precision.
Can the Erkameter 24 be used both for the measurements in the physician´s office and for the ambulatory monitoring?
The Erkameter 24 is medically perfect measuring device allowing to combine the blood pressure measuring in the physician´s office and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. These two different blood pressure measuring modes complement each other and make possible a comprehensive overall blood pressure evaluation.
How does the Erkameter 24 support individual therapy goals ?
The high frequency of the ABDM measurements verifies the diagnosis,  allows a reliable blood pressure evaluation and forms the basis for subsequent initial therapy. That is how a personalized antihypertensive therapy can be put into practice, taking into account the blood pressure variability, the day-night rhythm and the individual form of hypertension.
What measuring modes are available in the new Erkameter 24?
Medically accurate blood pressure measurements are made according to the latest recommendations of the “European Society of Hypertension” (ESH). Three automatic and one manual measuring modes complement each other and allow strict and consequent  implementation of the ESH standards. In addition to the possibility of an ambulatory blood pressure measurement in measuring mode 24, the measuring mode Advanced of  the Erkameter 24 allows a therapy compatible double measurements as an alternative  hypertension diagnosis. The fast and precise occasional measurements in the measuring mode Rapid as well as the manual auscultatory measurement in the measuring mode Classic provide reliable and medically relevant measured values for daily medical practice at any time.
Is there a measuring device fit for both professional diagnosis and setting of individual therapy goals?
Yes, because the erkameter 24 combines all medically required, standardized methods of blood pressure measurement needed for reliable hypertension diagnostics and therapy - in one device. The individual blood pressure measuring modes don´t compete, but rather complement each other, thus leading to a comprehensive overall assessment of the blood pressure.
How can the Erkameter 24 support you in your daily professional activity?
The Erkameter 24 supports healthcare professionals offering high comfort for patients,  

How accurate is Erkameter 24?
Tested by an independent test lab on the conformity with the standards of the “European Society of Hypertension”,  Erkameter 24  achieved better grades for measuring precision than its competitors in this field.
A systematic measuring mistake of  -/+ 5mmHG can make overlook  the need for treatment or lead to unjustified treatment of significant groups of patients. The measuring precision of Erkameter 24 creates trust in the measured values and therefore in diagnosis and therapy as well. 
Does the absolute accuracy of the measured values allow to make conclusions about the efficiency of the therapy?
Yes, because not only the reliable diagnosis can be made on the basis of the ABPM realized by the Erkameter 24 , but also the efficacy and potency of the antihypertensive medication can be documented with the dosage intervals taken into consideration. Intermittent hypertonic or hypotonic phases during  therapy are too reliably documented by the software ERKA.360  and this enables an optimal antihypertensive therapy with personalized adaptation of the dose and, in particular, of the dosage intervals and of the administration times.

What are the advantages of the modern evaluation software Erka.360 ?
The modern evaluation software ERKA.360 offers the possibility of numerous measuring modes - from occasional blood pressure measurements in a physician’s office to the ambulant 24 hours  blood pressure measurements and home blood pressure measurement. It is especially in the case of such a widespread disease  as hypertension that exact distinction between healthy and ill is particularly meaningful. Blood pressure is very variable and exposed to physiological fluctuations,  its true level is difficult to ascertain since situational fluctuations must be excluded. Erka 360 allows an overall view of the blood pressure of the patient at any time – to express this concept medical science uses the expression: “the true blood pressure”.
What kind of ABPM evaluations are available in the software ERKA.360 supplied free of charge?
Erka.360 creates a comprehensive review and detailed analysis of the measured values, makes possible the creation of long-term profiles, the presentation of mean arterial pressure and the morning blood pressure increase (MBPI), identifies white coat hypertension, masked hypertension, secondary hypertension, provides an analysis and filter option for deviant measured values based on conspicuous time intervals.
How can ERKA.360 make your daily professional activity more efficient?
The software ERKA.360 provides a GDT (a format to transfer data among medical devices and software systems)  interface . With its aid the blood pressure values can be transmitted directly to the electronic patient records in the software of your surgery. It saves time and reduces costs!
Erkameter 24 Size Reference
mit einer GREEN CUFF one piece Manschette grau 24h Size 4 413.30895
Accessories Size Reference
Cuff: Green Cuff one piece grau 24h 4 024.30895
Spare Parts Reference
Quick-Connector 995.00001
Accessories Size Reference
ERKA offers a comprehensive choice of recyclable disposable cuffs – the use of these cuffs still remains the safest protection against infections of both a patient and a doctor. Due to the unique features of their surface and the materials used, all “ERKA Green Cuff”  blood pressure cuffs can be disinfected thoroughly and fast. Their skin-friendliness , security and wearing comfort for the patient were confirmed by various dermatological tests. Every single” ERKA Green Cuff” blood pressure cuff carries the label “BIOCOMPATIBLE” – the result of the consequent refusal to use the PVC and the DEHP in our products.
All reusable GREEN CUFF ERKA blood pressure cuffs can be disinfected thoroughly and quickly because of their unique surface and materiality.
What makes the blood pressure monitoring with Erkameter 24 so comfortable for patients?
Uninterrupted and undisturbed sleep at night during ABPM has the highest priority for patients. Erkameter 24 guarantees it because the pumping of the cuff is not noisy and does not disturb the night rest and its sophisticated pumping technology reduces the time of measuring. Compact dimensions of the device, its light weight and the special technology  compatible with movement make it very comfortable to wear.
How is the Erkameter 24 operated?
The Erkameter 24 is powered by rechargeable, easy to replace batteries. The device is supplied with a charger and a set of batteries sufficient for minimum 150 measurements .
Can the Erkameter 24 be individually programmed?
Yes, the time intervals and the beginning and the end of the Day/ Night mode can be set up easily. Day/ Night mode can be regulated manually.
Should it be needed, an additional measuring interval can be added.