Erkameter E


Simple elegance for professional use. The Erkameter E is the newest generation of our successful Erkameter product family. Reduced to the essentials, with a purist design and absolute precision in the results - the Erkameter E once again sets new standards in professional blood pressure measurement. Rapid blood pressure measurement in routine medicine is carried out in RAPID mode, while the modes ADVANCED and CLASSIC aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases. With regard to measurement accuracy, all measured values meet the high scientific standards of the European Society of Hypertension. In addition, the Erkameter E reliably detects heart rhythm disorders and motion artifacts.

Take advantage of the free XXL Guarantee - in addition to the implied warranty - of 3 extra years. Register your device at to achieve a total guarantee protection of 5 years for this product.

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Medically accurate blood pressure measurements according to latest recommendations of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH): with its combined measuring modes Automatic and Manual the Erkameter E strictly implements the standards of ESH and guarantees any time dependable and medically relevant measuring values in the professional diagnostics.
Even by measuring difficult patients groups - for example pregnant - the CLASSIC modes provides correct values: The measurement is taken by auscultation with the stethoscope, reliable thanks to your expert’s assessment. Only the pumping and memory is undertaken by the Erkameter E.
The CLASSIC measurement mode supports the physician in his or her profession. The measurement is taken by auscultation with the stethoscope; only the pumping and memory is undertaken by the Erkameter E.
How accurate is ERKAMETER E?
Validated by an independent test lab using the standards of the European Society of Hypertension the Erkameter E achieved best grades concerning measuring exactness in comparison to all other topically tested blood pressure measuring instruments.
What is the advantage of absolute precise measurement accuracy of ERKAMETER E?
A systematic measuring mistake from -/+5mmHG overlooks the need of treatment or leads of the unwarranted treatment of significant patients groups. The measuring exactnes of Erkameter E creates trust in the measuring values and therefore in diagnostics and therapy. 

Why is precise and reproducible measuring blood pressure of significant importance?
Various scientific studies show that even a lowering of blood pressure by 5-6 mmHg is a relevant therapeutic success, however, the differences in this dimension must be able to be determined from the meter reliably!
How can myERKA minimize potential error of blood pressure measurement?
Various scientifc studies have shown a negative influence on the quality of blood pressure measurement, caused by reading and documentation errors. By using myERKA the electronically measured blood pressure values can be tranferred, stored and commented very easy.
How can myERKA improve the blood pressure measurement?
The direct availability of the measured values in the electronic health record - flawlessly archieved - improves the information situation significantly for every practiconer following. 
How can myERKA improve your medical day-to-day life?
The software myERKA provides a GDT interface, so blood pressure values are transmitted diretly into the electronic patient record of your practice EDP. This saves time and reduces costs. 
Blood pressure measuring modes
Erkameter E offers the choice between three blood pressure measurement modes:
the mode RAPID – for single measurements, the mode ADVANCED – for measurements in accordance with the guidelines  of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). These measurement modes are automatic and the third one is manual: auscultation mode CLASSIC, where stethoscope is used.
Intuitive menu navigation
Full-colour  innovative  4.2” TFT touch-screen  allows easy operation. Sufficient memory space enables storage and clear view of measurement readings as well as their perfectly faultless interpretation. The simple structure of the device ensures its user-friendliness.
Technical specifications
Power supply: computer’s USB port
Dimensions: 270 mm x 230 mm x 15 mm
Weight: about 1,4 Kg
Display: digital display
Memory:  500 readings for each measuring mode
Measurement method: oscillometric
Extended  XXL warranty: 3 years, free of charge

Erkameter E Size Reference
with GreenCuff one piece cuff soft white (Box of 10) Size 3 420.91673.
with GreenCuff Smart Rapid, Set , grey Size 3-5 420.71293.
with GreenCuff Smart Rapid one piece, Set , grey Size 3-5 420.81293.
with GreenCuff one piece cuff soft white (Box of 10) Size 4 420.91073.
with GreenCuff one piece cuff soft white (Box of 10) Size 5 420.91473.
Accessories Size Reference
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart single patient soft white (Box of 10) 5 024.54473
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart single patient soft white (Box of 10) 4 024.50473
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart single patient soft white (Box of 10) 3 024.56473
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart one piece 5 024.34393
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart one piece 4 024.30393
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart one piece 3 024.36393
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart Rapid, grey 6 024.29493
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart Rapid, grey 5 024.24493
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart Rapid, grey 4 024.20493
Cuff: Green Cuff Smart Rapid, grey 3 024.26493
Spare Parts Reference
Quick-Connector 995.00001
How can I make sure that my patient does not show any dermatological reaction while using an ERKA cuff?
All ERKAMETER can be used with ERKA GREEN CUFF blood pressure cuffs. These wear due to their unique surface the predicate BIOCOMPATIBLE and are therefore particularly skin-friendly. 
How can the risk of infection be minimized for both - the patient and medical professionals?
The surest protection is the use of Erkameter E with recyclable disposable cuffs. We offer a comprehensive range here. The intentional omission of PVC and DEHP in our products and optimal supply chain combine ecology and efficiency in the most impactful way to act responsibly.
Which alternative products can I use instead of the recyclable disposable cuff?
All reusable GREEN CUFF ERKA blood pressure cuffs can be disinfected thoroughly and quickly because of their unique surface and materiality.